Eric Nam Solar, Jota Jin Kyung, SeHo CaoLu

We Got Married Chuseok Gathering Part 2 Engsub

Eric Nam Solar Ep 24, Jota Jin Kyung Ep 19, Seho CaoLu Ep 28


  1. Anonymous


  2. Gotta them, ddongie

    Yas congrats to our DDONGIE COUPLE!! woohooooo

  3. Anonymous

    Jota wearing girl uniform is unexpected

  4. jessicasyj

    I’m quite sad and disappointed because ddongie couple received hateful comments just because they win everything. they don’t deserve hateful comments. some immature 33 couple shippers are being salty. think all you want to them but y’all can’t accept that they win or deserve to win. you say that they don’t have intimate skinship? all of you think that wgm is all about skinship, gosh. they’re just being themselves.

    they won in heartmons coz they use their brain. the rule was to chase all the 19 heartmons, they only said that chase all of them, it depends to the 4 couples on how they’l catch the heartmons. and they did pretty good because the heartmons got a chance to introduce themselves, their group and their song. 33 couples got an advantage cause they got 3 minutes extra. but they have been tie eith ddongie couple.

    they won in cooking contest because the judges give them a fair comments and points. you said that they shouldn’t won just because solar don’t understand what “oil” is. so immature lol it’s not all about the words, it’s all about cooking. try to find a cooking contest that the criteria is all about languages.

    they won in duet festival because they’re the best. no need to explain it all.

    all in all, they won because they did their best, they have great teamwork and chemistry and lastly they have a good heart , inside and out. just think of the chicken that was given to 33 couple, 33 couple can’t cook because their main dish is chicken si they should be thankful for ddongie couple. actually i don’t see why the 33 couple shipper is attacking ddongie couple, i don’t see any flaws on them. the 4 couples did their best , they play fair and congratulate the winners so why did the 33 couple shipper feels like they’ve been treated wrong? lol salty af.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you.. Thank you for stating all of the reasons. I mean all of the games were fair and judged.

      All couples did good though. I enjoyed all of the couples very much.


  5. HeyItsMaejhon

    Does anybody know what is the song in 18:55? I really need to know. 😀

  6. Anonymous

    Dongie couple used they’re pure TALENT and BRAINS to get what they truly DESERVE! Ya’ll 33 shippers should stop talking nonsense coz all they got is a face and a body! You should be thankful that solar and eric have a good heart, imagine what your 33 couple would do without a chicken. Though the model who I believe is the youngest here, dissed so much and went overboard just to win the 1st round. But then karma was so fast, your advantage in the 2nd round became your weakness. Nevertheless, all four couples did their best! Congrats, everyone!!

  7. CDT

    Even though i like 33 couple. I feel that in this chuseok special, ddongie couple really won fairly, and i think we should give credit when it is what they duly deserve.

    -Cold Hard Truth

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