Eric Nam Solar

We Got Married Eric Nam Solar Ep 25 Engsub


  1. Mx

    they look like they had so much fun! did Eric near say ‘my present is Yongdongi?’ hehehe they’re such cuties! this is what a good date looks like for those who have been sold by the media, it’s not always some mushy candlelit dinner overlooking han river(although it does sound nice). they genuinely laughed their little butts off and Yongsun screamed her heart out down that slide XD

    • LifeIsAboutBeingFair

      Yeah! Eric wrote a sweet message for Solar saying that Solar was an incredible gift for him and Santa can just go back and be careful not to catch a cold…kekeke… Like where on earth you can find this one of a kind of man like him?

      Solar then asked him if he was saying she was a gift to him and he replied ” Yes.”

      I might be wrong though so let’s wait for the subbed by tomorrow.

      Thank you KSHOWDAILY for the fast update~♡♡♡

    • sinb

      they are meant to each other <3

  2. Yoondongyongdong

    Everythings that they did are our relationship goals! Bless them 🙂

  3. Sarangie

    Yay we have out own thread section like finally!!! No more hater ugh god

    • pinky

      yess finallyy!! ive been waiting for this time to come!

  4. Jessie Unnie

    Omg next week’s preview! They look so good together in the blown up swimming pool!

  5. Big Nose Hyung

    I smiled throughout this episode of Ddoongie. I think they had real fun in this. Everything looked comfortable. I think between these 2, comfortability is important to Eric and its really respectful of him coz he keeps saying about that in the interview. Its really nice to see Yongseon starting to initiate skinship in her own ways. Probably she feels shy but I could see that the skinship she does comes with a meaning for eg wiping snow frm eric’s hair. If I was one of them and did the activities above, I would definitely go home feeling chirpy and high and probably can’t sleep after going out on a ‘date’ like this.

  6. Where can I find an “Eric Nam” like man? And Solar’s personality is so adorable. They’re just so natural perfect couple. They don’t need to do skinship just to please the viewers because their chemistry is enough. Hoping their relationship will last, not just in the show but also offcam.

    • Seojun's yeppeun noona

      Yeah me too! Like yongseo, they are still friendly to each other as caught on fancams and during their virtual marriage they only did things they are comfortable with. Therefore i hope eric and solar will also stay friends even after they leave the show and maybe something something else might happen in the future. I see nowadays many idols are publicly dating.. Can you imagine those who are secretly dating.. How many of them are doing that. Keke not sayinh they should date or what, but i like whatever they are portraying on the show, that even though they are celebrities but they are still vulnerable at heart.

  7. Anonymous

    Omg one of my wishlist is to see ddongi to experience different season, especially winter together (bcs i envy other couple, such as adam couple who did so many things in the winter… idk why but winter gives me romantic vibe). But i wasn’t set my hope high because i don’t know if they still on the show when winter comes. But thanks to this episode i can see them joyfully playing in the ‘snow’ with that padded jacket. LOVE THEM SO MUCCCH

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