Eric Nam Solar

We Got Married Eric Nam Solar Ep 25 Engsub


  1. JonKnowsNothing

    Skip skip skip to my Lou~~
    Omg shes the perfect girlfriend material..
    and hes the perfect boyfriend material..
    in short, theyre just perfect for each other

  2. Mbc president

    Im a very hopeful viewer and i wish one day solar and eric can video themselves covering english duet songs and release on eric’s instagram. Eg like im gonna lose you by meghan trainor and j legend. Or secret love song by lil mix and j derulo. Omg their vocals gonna slayyyyy

    • Anonymous

      Omg! Ikr! I’ll be patiently waiting for that to happen <3

  3. Anonymous

    Ddongieeee why so adorable? And the preview for the upcoming episode, finally they’re gonna hangout at their house by themselves kyaaaa ~~ ^-^
    Mbc please please please don’t exclude any scenes from the preview!

  4. Anon

    Please do #ANTCOUPLE

  5. Hillary trumped

    Solar’s new song New York has her singing ‘to be honest I wanna go (to new york)’ and heyyyyy she’s got a virtual American husband so whatcha waiting girl

  6. P

    This couple are so sweet,I LOVE THEM VERRRRY MUCH, They are perfect for each other …… I really can’t wait for next ep ….leggo

  7. Alguien

    Please guys!! Tell me how many chapters left. Just to prepare to cry T_T
    Sorry for my english.

    • Mx

      no one knows but I think because Mamamoo will be full on promoting their new album I think it will or may have already ended TT_TT

      • Anonymous

        Not too soon, please. I still want more of ddongie ㅠ.ㅠ

        • Mx

          same but it is inevitable. if you watch the recent episode of radio star with Yongsun, you’ll hear stories of the previous cast of wgm and how they treated it as really dating and did not see anyone else while they were on the show. It was really nice to hear that from them since it had already been 6 also years they could speak freely. I hope the wgm cast now treats it that way too.

          not to rant but I think Yewon and Henry were genuinely dating on wgm, they were more fierce and straight forward. didn’t really care too much of what would happen. if it weren’t for what happened I think they would’ve continued to date for a long time. just my opinion.

          • Moonbyul rocks herself

            Nonono pls dont say they’re at their ending stage soon or maybe already pls pls it doesnt make sense even if mamamoo wants to have a comeback and solar has to stop wgm.. A lot of idols who have been in the show still continue filming even tho they are promoting bcs they can still indirectly promote theough the show eg bbyu couple even promoting tgt at the same time.

            I realise couples leave the show only when there’s really nothing left to show the viewers. And Ddongie couple has yet to show us anything. They are just starting so pls pls pd nim no axing anyone from the show as of now pls pls

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