Eric Nam Solar

We Got Married Eric Nam Solar Ep 25 Engsub


  1. Mx

    it is true after I posted that comment I did think of other couples who have promoted at the same time. like Bomi from Apink but I think they filmed a while before the comeback and now it is airing. of course, I hope they can continue for a long time. they have certainly found a friend in each other.

  2. fan

    i love this couple DONG Couple

  3. Anonymous

    Is this the last episode or is there more, I’m waiting for the episodes now…

    • bea

      There’s more 🙂 The latest episode just aired today

  4. Anonymous

    Y is ep 26 not out yet

  5. alexia

    Cute ddongie!

  6. Ari

    I can’t watch it :/

    • ddongie love

      Hi! Have you tried using a different browser? 😀 I have the same problem earlier but i tried a different browser and then it worked. Or try watching thru your phone 😀

  7. Anonymous

    anyone know the song at 22:8? if you do plz tell me, i’ve been reading through the comments to c if anyone of you mentioned it

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