Eric Nam Solar

We Got Married Eric Nam Solar Ep 27 Engsub


  1. Anonymous

    Love, love this couple!! Their interaction, their fun loving banter, are daebakk !! Eventh i dont understand any word.. i can feel it.

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  4. Anonymous

    thank u so much kshowdaiily 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    Finally =)

  6. O.o

    My face is getting permanently disfigured from how much I have to punch myself in the cheeks to stop smiling like a complete moron… And this episode was like basically punching from start to finish! Thank you MBC and WGM for giving me mochi cheeks like Yongsunie… And my god!!! Next week’s episode is going to send me to the doctor methinks LOL

    • XD

      Lol, me too. Haha! I seriously can’t wait for next week’s episode

      • Anonymous

        ermergard! Me too! I think I’m gonna lose my shit when they show them lying on the yacht together with Solar using Eric’s arm as a pillow

  7. Please!!!!Read this!!!!

    Guys! Please comment also in their YT video so MBC will know that Dongie have many fans so they will not end them right away. I can only see comments for 33 couple fans. I don’t hate them but i only love watching Dongie couple they can make me laugh so hard. I’m watching WGM couple for a long time since Adam so i can detect who is just doing it for a show. make sure you comment on the mbc release video’s don’t be intimidated about the haters. We should not care about them. Thanks in advance!

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