Eric Nam Solar

We Got Married Eric Nam Solar Ep 29 Engsub


  1. Anonymous

    Fam…the part 2 : solar the enegmatic yeba by enko is out at soompi pg 203

  2. didnt mean to disappoint you but

    as for MAMA, the final result (win or not win something) depends on whether the artist could attend the event or no. because no attendance=no awards. it has been like that since years ago of MAMA. so if mamamoo and eric are on the attending list later, they probably 99% receiving an award. but if they didnt make it or has another schedule, they probably wont win anything…

    • didnt mean to disappoint you but

      i mean, if they really didnt win anything later, dont feel bad bcs it doesnt mean theyre not good enough etc

  3. Haneefah

    Its so hard to laugh silently when it comes to these 2 xD

  4. Eric + Solar = LOVE

    I love them sooo much!!! They never fail to make me laugh. I wish them more happiness and I hope they last for a very long time…

  5. Eric + Solar = LOVE

    They’re sooo cute together!!

  6. Anonymous

    They started filming in summer and now it’s fall. Hopefully their segment last till winter. That would be awesome!

    • Anonymous

      sad that they only got 33 eps 🙁 i miss ddongi

  7. zovina

    why can’t i watch the video????

    • Anonymous

      Try playing the vid using a different browser. It worked for me

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