Eric Nam Solar

We Got Married Eric Nam Solar Ep 30 Engsub


  1. Anonymous

    i love them so much! I hope they stay longer ❤️

  2. Anonymous

    I find the scene when Eric prepared the late dinner/ supper where Yongsun keeps ‘pestering’ him to hurry up and he responded by telling her not to come into the kitchen adorable because they appear as ‘older’ couple like the collecting chestnut episode! 😉

  3. It's already Nov 2nd KST

    To many more months (hopefully to years) full of happiness and love for the both of you

  4. Anonymous

    I’ve FINALLY found this site and this comment section omg i’m so happy rn, I used to watch Ddongi over at kshowonline and I kept seeing hate comments on this couple, made me so mad, then I came over here and everyone is so positive. IM LOVING IT HERE 😀 I thought there were only a few people that like this couple, whew I’m glad :3

    I loved their bedroom chat so much. So simple and romantic. No need for heavy skinship and all that jazz, just having fun while being sweet to each other at the right moment, that’s what I like. Did you see how Eric prepare tteokbokki and ramyeon for Solar too? Please tell me how I can find a man that takes care of his girl so well like this?? Eric is seriously awesome :’)

    Please keep showing Ddongi more love everyone. They deserve it.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve never watched wgm overthere so i just read their comment section. You’re right it’s harsh. Evrybd entitled to their opinion so just ignored it. Wellcome to our ddongi world..

    • Anonymous

      Cos i need to download ddongi part i rarely go to kshowonline, but i watch solar duet song and eric law of the jungle there

  5. love love my happy pills

    Did they drop the formalities already? Since I’m not that good in korean. I can’t differentiate formal and informal speech yet.

    • ddongi got married

      yasssss they already did it since the mukbang ep but i think they completely speak informally since after the panelist’s visit

    • Anonymous

      the formal is , it will have “yo” in the end of word like “bogoshipeoyo” . informal will become like “bogoshipeo” and yea , they drop the formalities xD

    • ddongi ujjujju

      yea but sometimes they use formal language when they’re pretending/playing scenes (for example when they’re massaging each other’s shoulder they used formal language bcs they pretend like in a massage shop lol)

  6. eric's new show

    eric is an MC for MNET’s new show “yangnamja show” together with Yang Sehyung i think that’s kind of talkshow which will invites idol (1st is IOI), i know he will become busier but i hope they can invites mamamoo someday and ddongi will meet there oguoguuuu

    • sorricoupleee is love

      Ikr. And coincidentally, mamamoo is about to release another new song soon. So of course in order to promote the song, mamamoo (i hope and pray) should be invited to the show.

    • Please make it happen

      Yes! That would be like Mamamoo going on ASC all over again, but this time, there will be butterflies everywhere. Eric and Solar gonna steal look at each other and stuffs, and the beagle girls will make fun of her and Eric so much lololol (im delulu-ing so hard rn fam).

  7. Anonymous

    What owl city song is at 12:15 ? Man those childhood memories

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