Eric Nam Solar

We Got Married Eric Nam Solar Ep 31 Engsub


  1. Haneefah

    The worst time has come ;-; I dont want them to gooo D;

  2. Good news fam

    Fam, Solar just said on an interview that she and Eric Nam want to stay friends and keep contacting each other after the show. We don’t have to speculate or delulu about their relationship anymore, because Yongsun herself has said the words!!

  3. solar's hair

    another beautiful memories for them.. 🙂

    but i just read the news 🙁 i want to cry… a lot…. i cant… i feel so bad when read some of eric and momos post for being happy that their married comes to the end. Dont they know how happy both of them while filming this program. Although this is just a show, i can feel their sincerity towards each other. But its ok, I believe that they will still contact and care for each other after this

  4. Fate is about to come.

    Its hurts to hear that from husband and wife relationship to friendship. But it’s okay 🙂 not in real relationship today but in future. Delulululu

  5. Cry for yongsun

    Guys.. dont forget to support mamamooo comeback and watch their mv on youtube. Although I’m not momos but i will still support solar in whatever she do. Watching “I love too” on youtube and seeing solar cry are really suck, it remind me of their last episode although it didnt aired yet

  6. I want more

    I kind of not want tmr to come. I dont know. Its been a few days since we were slapped with the bad news. I kind of not want to watch tmr’s episode.

    But that little kisses in the picture booth though. Something to cheer me up.

  7. Fam plz help vote Yongsun on Mnetcountdown

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    Pls show love to uri Yongsunnie juseyo ^^..

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