Eric Nam Solar

We Got Married Eric Nam Solar Ep 31 Engsub


  1. I miss Eric update

    Fam have you realize Eric havent update anything yet since 2 days ago? Maybe election result and last filming impact him so much.. I hope he’s okay :(..

    • Anonymous

      He is okay i bet.. I think he needs some private time to think for himself and his family b4 going to connect with the whole world via social media again. Some much has happened with the election and Solar…etc. give him some time and dont worry he has some support system..

  2. guys there are still so much to happy about

    eric’s new show, solar’s comeback, and the rest of their wgm episodes are still airing… and if you miss ddongi just check the forum on soompi, we have a lot to spazz/talk about <3

  3. Cant Help Myself

    Check this out. She finally finds the courage to kiss him !!! Then they break them up !!

  4. Cant Help Myself

    Preview photos on tomorrow’s show has Solar finally kissing Eric. WAH ! She finally finds the courage to kiss him !!! Then they break them up ! WTH

    • Anonymous

      It’s one of the wishes from Eric when they were sitting inside the portable pool. She is keeping her promise. She knows that she doesn’t have much time left to do it, so she has to do it before the show ended. It looks more like a goodbye kiss tho.

  5. Eric's boyish looks are just *eyes with hearts*

    Ahhhhh that mochi kiss. Both mustve been very happy. And i wonder what haopens to those pictures/selcas that they take hmm

  6. Yeheyyyyy

    Cheer up famsss.. Atleast they still have eps full of joy and sweetness.. Lets save your tears for the last and enjoy spazzing today as long as we can!!!

    Note : today Yongbae’s Immortal Song eps is airing too.. Can’t wait them to slayyyy!!!

  7. Anonymous

    We gotta stay strong for them fam!!!

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