Eric Nam Solar

We Got Married Eric Nam Solar Ep 32 Engsub


  1. uri couple

    though its an empty/sad time for us, but somehow we always find ways to cheer the others up. I love you guys!

    In one of the unaired mbc clips, the one when they did the choolate ad scene, aah aah aah love it! was that solar low-key trying to flirt with eric?! heeeeheeee

  2. The preview photos of tomorrow's ep is released

    And tomorrow I’ll supply virtual tissues, hugs and shoulder for you my precious ddongi family :’) We’re all in this together <3

  3. ddongi uyuuuuu~

    The preview pics :(((((((((((((((((((((

  4. Sponsor us tissue

    I will try to stream it since i’ll be at home (i hope) its saturday but i just cant make any plans to go out coz im so saddddd

  5. 0004

    Love them so much im going to miss the both of them. ;(

  6. Sponsor us tissue

    Funny how yongsun’s the one to introduce english songs to eric. Anyways, urgh todays the day.

  7. Those people who witnessed ddongi play together

    in the unaired rose of sharon episode are so lucky!!
    Saturday (KST) is already here :/ Be strong fam!! for us and ddongi too <333

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