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We Got Married GongMyung HyeSung Ep 4 Engsub


  1. teni

    English sub plsssssss am dying here waiting to watch it

  2. Dont throw stones on me

    But i agree that she really came out too strong for him. Either he acted that way because he was flustered or he really became dissinterested. He once said in the first encounter on My Candy Ear that if he likes someone he will become aggresive, but all i see in this episode was his coldness to the point as if he was there just because he has to not because he wants to. Though in his BRI he said that he didnt want too part, that it was to short amount of time spending together but it felt like he just wants to leave soon. I hope PD and the writer can find a way to balance this couple soon.

    • Just different point of view

      I’d like to take it this way. He’s younger, and he once said he’d be agressive if he likes someone. What if that someone is more agressive than him? and older? He’d feel, first overwhelmed, second flustered. The thing is that GM has shown that he talks big but easily get flustered and nervous. (Did you see how nervous he is on MBC Ent award). I find it’s amusing that a straight forward girl like HS can bring out that child-like trait in GM.

      One last point is that they filmed this episode probably on the 12th of December. They obviously got closer when appearing in the MBC Ent Award. I’m looking forward to the upcoming episodes of these two.

    • Kyle is so cute

      I super love this couple but Gong Myung is really cold on this episode and I kinda feel bad for Hyesung because she has to cover up with that kind of mood. But I still love theeeeem.

  3. WGM_SSS

    The videos are not working anymore. I get a error message about copyright violation.

  4. Dara88

    I love Hye Sung’s Dad! He’s very strict but that’s ok, you can really see and feel his love for his daughter and vice versa. He looks intimidating even without trying. Good luck to her future husband for real. Lol

    • Anonymous

      I like her dad 2! Sounds like he is a “real” man fr the preview.

  5. Lailaberly

    I think he like her. It’s just he is always flustered most of time. Plus I’m sure a lot of people in production following them. He is uncomfortable with it. When u notice that last part of video when they walked towards her house. Probably the crew don’t follow them anymore before they gone in the corner. He automatically put his hand on her shoulder. Only them knew what happen after that.

  6. katakat

    she likes him because GM seems INNOCENT.
    with or without sub for that “part” when she acted cute and him was “no reaction” was so much couple-like.
    when she got mad and he doesn’t know what to do with their arms i laughed so hard. don’t you think he is really innocent and don’t know what and how to react especially when there were crowd. haha.

  7. Ranran

    I think it’s still too soon for him to really “like” her. Her too, actually–she’s just trying harder than he is to get closer. They need to spend some time with each other and get to know each other as people first and then as lovers. It’s only the beginning so their personalities don’t match on some points (he seems rather shy and she wants to be one of those teeth-hurtingly sweet couples) but it’ll be fine as long as they get to know and like each other. All they need is time.

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