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We Got Married GongMyung HyeSung Ep 4 Engsub


  1. wrdnxx

    i hope their wgm will long till 40+ episode :””””””’> PLEASE

    • naedar

      unfortunately, that won’t be happening… the PDs want to make sure that their casts won’t get caught in real relationship or scandals by shortening the episodes.. 🙁

      • fany

        sorry, what do you mean? im not cleary understand..

        • Anonymous

          It’s simple, what’s naedar trying to say is.. PDs tend to shorten the episodes because they might fall real in love. The longer they film together the higher chance to call for each other that’s what they need to avoid.

          • Ade Julianti

            i thought the new pd got the idea to find couple with goal will become the real couple ….

  2. Frozen

    hahaha..i really cannot stop laughing when they had to ran away from their fans..soo funny..

  3. itsme


  4. unknown

    You guys actually freaked me out for a second. I actually thought they had a fight. But now that I’ve seen it, it’s just them getting to know each other and expressing there emotions and feeling. I have a feeling there surely going to get closer after this episode. Literally one of my favourite couples.

  5. Anonymous

    OMG! They’re so cute

  6. guess who

    They really cute together

  7. omega

    i love this couple so much

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