GongMyung HyeSung

We Got Married GongMyung HyeSung Ep 5 Engsub


  1. Wgms

    After jjongah i like this couple….

  2. norono

    he get one trouble
    her dad . . hahaha

  3. na

    They r so cute <3

  4. Hihihi

    Be real pls

  5. pls

    her dad is so nice and cute

  6. Her dad is like my dad. Lol

  7. Anonymous

    Watch this episode for gazillion times already and I still can’t get over about how nervous Gong Myung was. They are the only couple who confuses me this much. They’re like “virtual couple” but “real”. It’s kinda hard to explain. Let’s just see in the upcoming episodes. They so adorable both of them! Hope they’d stay on the show for a long time.

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