Henry Yewon

We Got Married Henry Yewon Ep 12 Engsub – Final


  1. Anonymous

    it’s not fair for them , *sigh
    how about the postcard that they send to each other :'(

  2. nurlaela

    Alay dasar kornet . beda ama di indonesia artis kalau salah didiemin bae aneh pokoknya dah . ada bagus ngga nya ya

  3. FakeFanSlayer

    It’s not fair, why’d they have to break off so early. Those jealous fake fans gonna’ die for breaking up the cutest couple on WGM.

  4. Anon


  5. wgm

    well, this is a show business. not everyone can have the favor.

  6. into jong hyun

    its actually really bad to see how it only came up with 12 episodes while there are a couple with 40 episodes. i mean, they are cute, i love how henry take a sweet actions as a husband. he is cute with his personalities. these couple really driving me crazy. im looking forward for wgm to take them back:) i believe, someday it will becomes true

  7. Anonymous

    it’s 2017 and here i am…re-watch over and over again. Miss them so much! :””’

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