Jonghyun Yura

We Got Married Jonghyun Yura Ep 40 Engsub – Final


  1. 13CottoN13

    JongAh’s couple is one of my love couple in wgm.
    I think Yura have anatural look and lovely and jonghyun lokk smart but playful. this couple is very good in my opinions. Thz

  2. 3rd Prince ❤

    yah! WGM! why do you keep playing with my emotions? ugh >.< watched this couple for two days and got attached so easily. I hope this is only their beginning and never ending friendship. As much as i wish for them to be a real life couple, i don't think it will happen. *sad* but I'm still looking forward for some news about them. A picture of them together would be enough. I discovered a new side of our 3rd prince from scarlet heart ryeo. hmmm~ jonghyun and yura, fighting!~

  3. Ericca

    A huge fans of JongAh couples.I had been watched these wgm JongAh couples for repeated 6times without boring. Their laughter was the best medicine for me to go through my hard times. Will love these couples forever. I wished in the future they will be the real life companion in real life, hope they worked out from wgm couples to be real life married couples.

  4. Wolf

    I’m pretty sour about WGM didn’t give JongAh & Yura a actually house. (so sad)
    But eh if there weren’t a house on top of the roof building, GIrls Day weren’t be on lol

  5. Watch this in 2017 and still miss JjongAh couple. They look so adorable, cute and natural time by time. Jong really take care of Ah Young. Thats a real man. Without too much skinship but he is doing right thing for Ahyoung.

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