Jota Jin Kyung

We Got Married Jota Jin Kyung Ep 23 Engsub


  1. Anonymous

    They are sooo cute together…hope they will end up together after the show end…

  2. Anne

    I hope when their WGM guesting is over they will have a drama series like Jaerim and So Eun “Gab Soon” (my other favorite couple) and that cheessy couple JongHyun and SeungYeon who are going to shoot “My Only Love Song” soon.

    The couples I like are
    Jota and Jin Kyung
    JaeRim and So Eun
    JongHyun and Yura

  3. kimd

    jota say in the interview . he want to stay longer in wgm. and he’s thankfull to jk with love. oh my god~~ mbc please make them stay longer.

  4. Anonymous

    I do love the couple Jota and Kim Jin but I wanted Girl’s Day Minah,Crayon Pop Ellin,or Aoa Jimin Or Mina to do a we got married since Crayon Pop or Aoa haven’t done any and Apink got two members doing it so I want Minah to be the second member doing it in Girl’s Day.So I wish a couple leaves but have a good ending because it won’t be without good endings and a new good couple please come!!

  5. Alice

    I think that Jota really likes Jinkyung. I means everything may be scripted at first but then Jota forgets all and do it as the way his heart tells him to do. This is the most romantic couple for me :))) I hope they’ll date for real, good job WGM

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