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We Got Married Jota Jin Kyung Ep 29 Engsub


  1. Anonymous

    I really dont want to say this, but I think they broke up for real for now. They seemed to be in pain and hurting each other’s heart. They are obviously in love. But I think Jota blames himself for all the bad treatment at WGM. He probably, lost his confidence. He seemed to be the one who initiated the break-up., too. Jin Kyung ahh.. please knock some sense into that silly fool Jota. I seemed to be writing a drama here….. sorry. I hope I am wrong about this. No, I certainly wished that I am wrong. However, if I am right, then I hope they will realize their feelings for each other and be bold and brave to love.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you. Of course jota loved jkung but jkung do not love jota. There are long way to go about their relationship. H,ever, i hope they will become one in future.

      • kingandqueen

        i dont think soo. i know they are love each other. jinkyung very love jota too. if you know what jk post in her ig and what she often like pict in her ig. she should protect jota that’s why she not show to much what her feeling. and i think she’s type woman like that when she love someone she can’t show what her feel and then i think now they are just can be only friend. they are protect each other because they are still young and life is hard for idol to dating. fiuh ~~~ but i still pray the best for them in the future when the right time comes and for their carrier

    • kingandqueen

      first anymous : yea, i hope they will realize their feelings for each other and be bold and brave to love. that’s why jk give jota book and think jota like gathsby for her it’s mean she want to him like gatsby “never give up and still love his women until the end” and jk mark word and tag the page jota has to read. i think it’s something like kode what jk feel for him

  2. JEN

    Thats the bad news of the end episode. How come WGM not fair to them?
    Im only watched The 33 couple of the all WGM’ couples.
    Please consider PD to my favourite couple……

  3. #RIPWGM


  4. Oshi Aron

    Stupid PD . Why exchange new couples in Dec , year end for celebrations and festivities. You making fans disgusted and disappointed for making farewells and sadness !

    You should be fired from MBC !

  5. andra

    excuse me. I want to ask you guys about how to download this video ? they said that the link is broken.

  6. i cant watch the link its not working

  7. Anonymous

    I can’t watch the video

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