Sleepy GukJoo

We Got Married Sleepy GukJoo Ep 3 Engsub


  1. Courtney

    I love this couple so much. They’re so genuine and don’t try to play up to cameras. It’s refreshing to see from the show.

  2. ken

    Why i cant plah this?

  3. Anonymous

    They are so cuuute !! But you can tell Gookju’s acting whenever they are eating. If you’ve watched ‘I live alone’ before, you’ll notice she always went full when eating with Sleepy. I feel like Gookju is going to be like Cho Seho, when he lost weight on WGM.But still I’m so in love with this couple !

    • T.

      She explained in ep. 2 (I think) that she felt shy to eat that way now that they are “married.” Which I think is even cuter

  4. Anonymous

    They are so cute !!

  5. Avidwgmer

    Im so glad she got someone as nice and caring as Sleepy. He tries his best.

  6. Frozen

    anybody tired of this couple get too much air time EVERY WEEK??the other 2 couple is more fun and cute!!what wrong with the wgm pd??

    • Riririri

      Obviously, they focus more on the couple who’s the talk of the town. Like what happened to 33 couple, their screen time decreases every episode, but on the first few episodes they almost got like 25 mins, then they’re last ep was only 17 mins. They gave more screentime to the new ones and the currently popular ones. WGM is so biased.

      • Take a seat

        Lol, I’m confused. That’s what’s expected of them. They’re s network and they need ratings. They are a cute couple just like all the other couples. Let them have their moment.

  7. Anonymous

    Cant play this video

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