Sleepy GukJoo

We Got Married Sleepy GukJoo Ep 5 Engsub


  1. Anonymous


  2. Frozen

    another 30 min of this couple!!seriously?????

    • Anonymous

      So ? Any problem with it ?

      • Frozen

        yes , because the other 2 MORE CUTE couple get just a little air time!!

    • Anonymous

      Stfu they’re realer then the rest swerve hoe

      • rachelftw

        calling ppl hoe wont make you any better

        otherwise, MBC looks dumb as fck by doin this

    • Reason

      Has it ever occurred to you that they get more time cause they have more entertaining content. If you had a TV company would you air the funny interesting couple or the cure but after a while uninteresting couple. I love the other couple but this couple is just funnier and more intertaing. Plus you aren’t obligated to watch it if you don’t want to anyways

      • Reason


      • Anonymous

        Preach and also it feels In general more genuine since They’ve known and worked with one another ALOT even before this show happened i like that they’ve been having a some for a while not being delusional but whatever happens …happens and haters can stay pressed not they’re faulty they’re faves are to basic

  3. Raimu

    I really like them! they are totally lovable and I think they look more real than other couples on the show… Let’s give them even o1 hour il possible!

    • Amymienott

      Yes! They should learn the fact that Gukju and Sleepy was more fun than other couples~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ.. WGM knows exactly why they let Gukju and Sleepy take most of the airtime~

  4. Avidwgmer

    I so so so sooooo love that Sleepy is very considerate of her. I can tell he respect her and gives his best. I was worried he’ll be lazy and make fun of her but I’m so glad he has a great heart! Can’t wait to watch more of them.

  5. WGM fan since goguma couple

    Why would people hate these two? It’s not like they asked the PD to give them more air time! Don’t be salty about it and just keep on watching you favs.. Anyway, can’t wait to see their relationship progress 😀

  6. Triny93

    Third times the charm!!! Hopefully this time the ring fits aaaaaahhhhh sooo HAPPY FOR THEM!!!! They are just so so so cute n adorable n fuzzally they are so cute together. …….and if anyone don’t like them then don’t wast ur petty ass time here cuz ain’t no body got time for you…oh and p.s. go suck a dick

  7. Anonymous

    I really like them

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