Sleepy GukJoo

We Got Married Sleepy GukJoo Ep 7 Engsub


  1. Raimu

    Yay! It’s out! <3 We are in your care, subbing team! We will patiently wait for the subs: fighting!

  2. GookjuSleepy Lovers

    Yeayyyy, it out!!! Yoo fighting subbing team !!! Love u

  3. miki

    it’s blocked ???

  4. Trini93

    Haters gonna hate cuz they got more time again hahah… these two couple!

    • anon6677

      they got more airtime than other couples..but it’s so weird…
      it still not enough… i want more~ XD

  5. Cadelyn

    Love them sooo much<3 thank you for subbing and can't wait for the next episode ^^

  6. alena

    i’m sorry but I clapped wholeheartedly when eric and solar got the award. ;__; i’m so sad he didn’t kiss her 🙁

    but i cried with gukjoo when she got hers!! so proud of her!! <3
    sleepy x gukjoo for 2017 best couple award!!

  7. Kimmy

    bruhhhh i don’t want to wait another week for the next episode!!! i love them soon much!!!

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