Sleepy GukJoo

We Got Married Sleepy GukJoo Ep 7 Engsub



    waah , this couple seriously not ‘SCRIPTED’ seriously!!just get married for real and be happily everafter!!!!!

  2. Loveyuu

    I pray that they will end up with each other… and i wish that sleepy will never change the way how he care for gukjoo.

  3. Avidwgmer

    They respect and care for each other a lot. I love this ep, and I can’t wait for thr next one! Sleepy is so damn sweet. I can’t say this enough, I’m so glad they are paired up. ❤❤❤❤

  4. Asma'

    Cant wait for next Saturday ^^

  5. Anon6677

    Saeho was right.. Sleepy already did his best, but Gukju’s still thinking a lot~

  6. MyHeart

    what make you think you two should win the best couple award?the other 2 couple deserve more than you two!!

  7. sue_bang

    Just have free time to watched this cute episode.. Huhu they’re soooo cute.. The way sleepy oppa run towards his crying wife make me realized that they are suit for each other…. For those who throw bad comments here, please stop doing that…. If you don’t like this couple then go away watched another things.. It’s simple… Aigoo…. There’s a lot of people these day’s who always jealous over someone happiness.. Hmmm

    • bang bang

      Just let them be…we can’t stop them anyways….just enjoyed these couple and other couple…

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