Sleepy GukJoo

We Got Married Sleepy GukJoo Ep 7 Engsub


  1. Margo

    this couple makes my heart flutter, they’re so precious i love them so much. it’s sad to read hate comments about them. stop being so mean and support your favorite couple instead of wasting your time going to this video cut for sleepy and gookju. 😛 sleepy x gookju fighting!! <3

    • Sookie

      Well said !!

    • Anonymous

      What you said was just awesome! Both are cute cinnamon buns that deserve to be loved!

  2. Song

    I was really depressed this past few months but after watching this couple I started to laugh more. They’re so lovely together, how can people hate them. If you watched I Live Alone Episodes 158, 169, and 172 you’ll see that their friendship and chemistry is real. I’m so addicted, please be together in real life !! /prays

    • hahaha i watched those episodes too!! keep repeating>> lots of love for both of them..!!haha.

    • simge

      i was feeling sad these days and when i saw gook ju (who i love really much and cheers me so much) made we got married i got so happy. she makes me happy and motivated for some reason ^^.

  3. miss moon

    I just love 33 couple ( jota-jinkyung )

    • Choi Songyi

      Then go watch them. I am a fan of 33 couple too but this section is for Sleepy & Gukjoo. Comments should be about them not other couples.

  4. Jerina

    I love them so much!! Gook Ju unnie you’re the best!! They are so precious together. They must stay together in real life. Sleepy is such a great husband, he worries and cares so much for her and Unnie expects so much form him. Their chemistry is so beautiful. In my heart they will always be the best couple ever!!Gook Ju unnie and Sleepy Oppa saranghae!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  5. wulan

    Gimna cara download nya ya??

    • Asma'

      Play videonya, tekan nanti ada unduh video klik aja

  6. Anonymous

    Those three cpls r so cute,

  7. I watched the newest ep n I noticed that there r bandages around sleepy’s hand,why?

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