SungJae Joy

We Got Married SungJae Joy Ep 36 Engsub


  1. Anonymous

    i really don’t like openload :< it takes such a long time to load

  2. D'artagnan

    Props to anyone who knows the song at 23:30. Shinee’s Stand By Me from Boys Before Flowers OST

    • Mark Tuan

      omg i know! they always mentions boys over flowers f4, jun pyo, jandi, and alwaysss use “almost paradise” or “stand by me” they must be fans

  3. Mark Tuan

    aw i wish joy cried heh i guess she almost did and sungjaeee when will you kiss her? i can’t believe theyre gonna be leaving i bet theyre both so sad ugh. by far the best couple imo. SUNGJOY WILL NEVER DIE

  4. alexithymia

    Yezi~~ <3

  5. Kim Nana

    Gmna cara downloadnya min?
    Help me :'(,

    • anonymous

      play the video, click the right-click, then choose ‘save video as…’ .

  6. JL

    I like this part 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    my fav couple after 02 couple

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