SungJae Joy

We Got Married SungJae Joy Ep 37 Engsub


  1. Cold G

    This is so not what I thought this was gonna go but I kind of melted when he sang because he seemed so genuine!! I want more!!

  2. sept

    Sorry but why i can’t play all of them
    please help me how to play it again

  3. Bubcu

    Cant watch it T,T whats wrong?

  4. Park Hae-Ji

    What is the title of the song sungjae sang at the end?

  5. monica

    i can’t download this video,why?

  6. Anonymous

    Where should I can hear the full version of their song “Young Love”?

  7. april joyce novencido

    How could i download this video?

    • Anonymous

      Press the video a little bit longer. “Save video” will pop out and tadahhh

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