SungJae Joy

We Got Married SungJae Joy Ep 41 Engsub


  1. Anonymous

    Bbyu <3

  2. lolo

    Can’t wait engsub …..

  3. El

    can’t wait for their both MV for Young Love…

  4. quenie

    when is the eng sub?

  5. kwi


  6. Bbyufan

    I don’t want to end their virtual marriage this coming end of april i’m a huge fan of these two idols i want to protest to make their virtual marriage extend

    • Sungjae

      this april? no! it can’t be!!!!!

    • Anggie

      It will be ending this end of april? Really?? No way Idk what to watch if wgm doesnt have them anymore

    • Anonymous

      Let them stay for a bit longer please! They’re the only virtual couple I’ve ever watched on wgm and seeing it end like that.. argh forever doesn’t exists lol

      • Anggie

        TRUE 🙁 i’m not interested with other couple dont know why 🙁
        My life will be so gloomy if they’re gone 🙁

  7. Anonymous

    I’ll be watching this though I couldn’t understand what they are saying.

    • Sungjae


    • Anggie

      Same lol and then i’ll watch it again twice when eng sub already uploaded

      • Anonymous

        I thought I’m the only one who’s doing that thing. Let’s pretend we understand what they are talking about. Sucks to be a non-korean viewer.

        • Anggie

          exact. guessing through their expression, if they smile i smile hahaha

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