SungJae Joy

We Got Married SungJae Joy Ep 43 Engsub


  1. DJLO

    Why there’s no video? Is it deleted due to copyright violation? Are you guys going to re-upload it? Or is there any other websites you can recommended to me so I can continue watching? Please answer me as soon as possible.

    • Mariëlle

      You can watch it when you klik it 2 times on you laptop

  2. PpyuGoguma

    Fell in love with this couple . I got the same fluttery feeling that i got when watching YongSeo couple . Such a cutie

    SungJoy Forever
    YongSeo Forever

    • AmiSakura

      OMG…we got the same feeling >,<
      I never expected I'll find couple who can give me the same fluttery feeling like when i watching YongSeo Couple anymore. But this couple give me that.
      Arrghh.. it's make me want to see these couple in real life soooooo badly T____T

  3. melmel

    OMG ı see it now they didnt Show the parts that joy was sitting on his legs :O WGM I bet you cut them since they are real :!:!

  4. westway

    to many tension!!!! too cruel to watch XD

  5. belle

    how to download this video?

  6. happines

    Why the video not come out internet positif

    • BORNEO

      You live in INA are you..hho, poor us, of course it will not get block by menkominfo, because its legal..with pop up ad, n etc, this web get a enough benefit from us

  7. CindyT

    why the video can’t play ? is there any problems?

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