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We Got Married TaeJoon Bomi Ep 12 Engsub


  1. Anonymous

    We all know that wgm pretend to be husband and wife …. But the feeling to each other is real… As they getting each other deeper

  2. Valy val

    the TJ’s jealous reaction to me seemed sincere,more than jealousy was as if bomi was more interested in pleasing the cat than him and he felt like in second level in her interest in that moment,i like this couple because i think they like each others in genuine and simple way,probably they will stay just friends after show but now they feel attracted each others,i can feel looking tj’s eyes when he looks at her and how bomi outside the show search news about him….its just my thought my i really enjoy this couple because is just genuine in the way they are…..taebom fighting i hope they win the best couple award

  3. Anonymous

    I can’t watch the video because of “We can’t find the file you are looking for. It maybe got deleted by the owner or was removed due a copyright violation.” ):

  4. Frozen

    haha , i don’t think this guy can do any romantic event for bomi.he trying to be a cool guy but he just bluff..

    • myeshiaa8

      regarding the romantic parts is not clearly shown yet but difinetly he’s a caring person who understand his wife feeling that can be seen during his launch at the hotel after his wedding, he cut the beef/vegetables (his own plate and exchange) into small pieces so that his wife can eat comfortably. I have not seen it yet in any WGM episodes.

  5. anon

    Taejoon’s jealousy seems real enough but the entire favour part was a bit too much for me to handle. Seems a bit like a sore loser: him trying to get favours from bomi instead and trying to pay back the favour he owes bomi by doing lame stuff… i guess this can seem quite cute to some but to me it’s wayy too over.

    And I just read the rumour between taejoon and seolhyun… seriously taejoon you better not hurt our bomi>:( trust me the entire fandom of pink pandas will be after you>:((

  6. anon

    can we just enjoy the show please???

    • myeshiaa8

      Yes, they have known each other for sometimes, they must be a good friend after all they are in the entertaiment world depending on each other. Please don’t turn a small thing into a bigger mess.

  7. slndpty

    after wgm, i always feel sad forbthe couples bc they just turn into strangers 🙁 I hope there’d be a couple who’ll end up together in real life

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