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We Got Married TaeJoon Bomi Ep 13 Engsub


  1. adri

    Bomi is my bias but she doesn’t seem too interested in TaeJoon. I mean he is trying but she doesn’t let him pass. How sad. They make a cute couple. I think if they continue like this WGM is gonna end the couple soon. They gave them only 18 min, so that’s not good news.

    • Valy val

      Sometime i have your same feeling,i think she is building a wall but i cannot understand why,its sure that they aren’t lovey dovey couple,but not because of tj lol
      Hope she can open her heart step by step,i like most this type of couple,whete the feeling grows slowly then couple that do everything fast

    • Wolf

      well it her lost, if she keep going to be like this.

      • Valy val

        What she should lose exactly? likely after seolhyun sns scandal she is little bit careful to let herself go,and as a woman i feel her…..
        Will see what will happens btw this two,its sure that this couple excite me because there’s never nothing certain

    • Lehhhaaa

      I feel like after the whole scandal with Seolhyun she became more distant and guarded and honestly I don’t blame her I was surprised when I saw the comment left by Seolhyun it was blatantly flirting

      • Valy val

        she (seolhyun)believes to be the world’s most beautiful and most good is just full of himself, a respectable girl would never leaving That kind of comment in a sns of a man that is now in such a show as wgm and the effect that could have….i dont like her…..

        • Anonymous

          You dong like who?Seolhyun pr Bomi?

          • Anonymous

            I Mean dont

          • Valy val

            Seolhyun…..i dont like seolhyun….i love bomi she is so easygoing,cute,sweet

      • Pratima

        What’s with Seolhyun? What exactly happened?

        • t4

          Zico said TaeJoon had some feelings with SH or something like that. I forgot the title T^T

  2. rachelftw

    they look so cute? omggg

  3. Stewardlover

    I know that what seolhyun did might effect this couple some how. Even if this just a virtual marriage , it will make thing arkward in some level. I don’t understand why would she left a comment like that to a ( married ) man. Is she tried to get revenge on zico though taejoon because it was a well known fact that they are best friend?

    • Erin

      What’s actually happened with Seolhyun?? I keep seeing everyone commenting about it but I don’t know what’s happened

      • Sheirlyn Joy Tayuba

        seolhyun comment in Taejoon instagram post. Quote: taejoon post a cute cat and his caption ( oh cute ) then Seolhyun comment :
        ” like me? ” ( Referring to a cute cat.)
        But she already delete it because many fans got angry to her why she comment like that.

  4. Anonymous

    I hate Seolhyun so much

  5. Anonymous

    Can you fix the other episodes please..? I don’t know why but they’re not playing 🙁

  6. CrissaJune

    Tae joon and zico are friends right ? And they had a past relationship with seolhyun ? Wuw!

  7. Michelle

    Hi, may i ask why i can’t watch it, it said the format not supported

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