TaeJoon Bomi

We Got Married TaeJoon Bomi Ep 15 Engsub


  1. Anonymous

    Look at they chemistry they both so cute together. I love when Bomi got shocked ahahahaa

  2. mymireya

    yes, the part she was so shocked and get hurt, hubby is so surprised

  3. Anonymous

    We all know the show is scripted, let’s just get on with our lives. Think of it as a drama!

  4. Anonymous

    They are adorable couple

  5. Anonymous

    Bomi is me when see horror movie..not cover my eyes but cover my ear..kekeke..

  6. Valy val

    because you always have to criticize? if they are cold to each other then we read “why theu don’t do skinship? They do not like each others, they are boring” but if they begin to get close then reads “they are acting before they were cold now do skinship, is all scripted”
    just how boring, whether they are acting then the new couple must receive your early an Oscar, I find both natural as it is in reality, they are going forward step by step,Tj many times he tried to approach her but she has always pulled back and this slowed him, see Christmas episode when she was painting his nails and he approached her but she blocked him….
    So stop say that they are doing skinship just because is scripted….
    If really was scripted we would see skinship much time ago…..keep calm and love taebom 😉

    • Anonymous

      Yes agree with you..just enjoy this show!!

    • Anonymous

      Finally a mature fan agree with you people nowadays seems to overrthink and analyze every little things and always saying something bad in every episode they are things dat we need to understand and be patient about getting to know each other is a long process and even ur in a relationship or ur already married u tend to learn more about ur partner to be more comfortable lets not rush things for taebom if taejoon is really determined to break the walls for bomi to let her guard down its really up to him they need more time to loosen up and make more happy memories together they are adorable and real they don’t pretend to be sweet just to please the fans or viewers they are taking one step at a time to be more closer to each other.They are matured couple let them take their face and destiny takes it course if they are meant to be surely it will find a way.

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree with you.. Yes yes we just must to enjoy this show and support this couple. Taebom jjang!!

  7. Yoonyi

    I like the part when they shared corn together. They’re so cuteeee><

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