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We Got Married TaeJoon Bomi Ep 15 Engsub


  1. emgphils

    This is a wonderful episode of Tae Joon & Bo Mi – they both look relax and quite comfortable with each other. Their skinship pacing in my opinion is adorable, more real and natural given their status as an idol and actor. They are progressing excellently in getting to know each other given the fact that Bo Mi for one has only come to know Tae Joon for the first here at WGM. They’re both very well matched – competitive, athletic, bubbly/dorky, food lovers and absolutely gorgeous together!!! I love that they did this camping trip before the year ends, and sweet of Tae Joon to prepare those wishing balloons. And their wishes ranging from personal to concerns for their nation convey their maturity. Can’t wait for the next episode – glad that Tae Joon was with her during that exam for support.

    • Anonymous

      Yes!! Im soooo agree with you.. for the fact bomi only know taejoon for the first time is in WGM..so this so natural for this couple..just please enjoy the show.. n just support this couple..

    • Anonymous

      Very well said i hope a lot of fans is just like you….

  2. Anonymous

    Bomi is so cute ❤️

  3. Anonymous

    I hope taejoon and bomi had long episode like jjongah couple 40 episode maybe more … love them so much

  4. Valy val

    Why I continue to repeat the scene when she flies away in fright??? Ahahah i became addicted from this scene
    Anyway i loved so much the tj’s head-touch….omona guys is so damn hot and sweet at the same time,its clear that he wants to have so badly skinship but is always worried to bother her….such a gentlman….the best genuine “touch” i have seen until now btw this couple
    I want to see them in a trip of two-three days….they need to spend more time together

    • Anonymous

      Hoping they have honeymoon trip abroad i always tag mbc in ig and twitter hope they listen our taebom couple need to spent more time together

    • Anonymous

      Me too! Shes so funny and taejoon is so naughty but sweet

  5. Anonymous

    Yay excited to watch our lovely couple 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    emergerd!!! why is these two like this??? i am sooo in lurve wit them..taejoon shud toned down on his bluffing *tho i kinda like his bluffing coz its funny when he fail lolx, haha *, while bomi just being bomi..dat gurl is a keeper, she kinda can do everything lolx..i was never a wgm fan, but this couple is soo adorbs,huhu..i just wish the airtime distribution more fair..its been only 18-21minutes for them..hmmmmm..well, lets just enjoy our taebom couple..

  7. Ms Bluff

    The last event make me suggest taejoon and bomi have a date while ride the Hot-air Ballon and have their first kiss!!soo romantic right??hahaha

    • Anonymous

      i want these two to have a couple bungee jumping..both are scare of height, but im stil hoping they wud do bungee jumping,haha..one can dream right,huhu..

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