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We Got Married Taemin Naeun Ep 37 Engsub – Final


  1. Anonymous

    This is so sad! I can really feel that they really loved each other. I hope they continue this beautiful relationship but because of Taemin’s fans nowadays Taemin and Naeun act like this never happened……….. anyways I still hope they still have this feeling for each other

    • Anonymous

      love is hard to change even tho fans change ..taemin shud kno dat.. dis show was perfect for them both… i can grasp their situation of how will they b from here on… n m sure they still r…. if not den i guess never…. hope for the best…

  2. Anonymous

    I hope they are still together now …. I love both of them … The fans should be happy to if they want their idol to be happy spread the love not hate….

  3. Anonymous

    Crying again it was first love though.. :))))))

  4. Anonymous

    I wish it didn’t end! This is soo sad! They should date in real life!

  5. Stan

    When I first watch this episode I cried ao hard.. even now, it still makes me cry. It was like I can feel Naeun’s sadness.. because she loves him already & she knows it might not happen again.

    I hope they’re still in love with each other & finally end up together. #TAEUN #FOREVER

  6. shyshaeshy

    Who’s still crying after watching this in 2017? TT.TT
    Aish, the feels in this scene, it’s just so sad when their part had to end when they’re already falling for each other~
    Ughhh, this is the first WGM that I’ve watched just bec I was curious back then bec Taemin is my bias, and I shipped Naeun w/ Myungsoo, after watching this I still haven’t moved on and I didn’t want to watch any other WGM couples anymore bec I wouldn’t want to see their endings.
    Exact same reason why I stop my self from watching Bomi’s WGM. TT.TT

  7. Anonymous

    What is the title of the song taemin sang?

    • 사왈판다

      i was once by your side by kyuhyun i really has a sad meaning~

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