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The Greatest Love CrownJ InYoung Ep 6 Engsub



    I think for sure after this episode they started dating. Why wouldn’t they? She literally just asked him out!

    • Maria Reacco

      They have been low key flirting through this whole eps lol. I believe crown J would marry Seo In Young for real right now if he could, I believe she is the one who may not be to sure yet, but her feeling are growing. I get that they try to keep everything light and fun for the show but I wonder how they really are when no cameras and crew around.

  2. chyme31

    this couple never cease to make my heart flutter every time! i’m crossing all fingers for them to decide to get married for real.. <3

  3. Ayla

    WHERE IS EP 7… It should be release on December 22???????????

  4. jj

    Ep 7 please

  5. Elle

    I love them together so much, truly the best virtual couple ever!

  6. Shaylea Hagwood

    I’m having ant couple withdrawals, wheres ep 6?

  7. Tasha25

    Is it wrong that I have been checking for the Ant couple every couple of hours since yesterday? I love them together.

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