Siwon Liuwen

We Are In Love Siwon Liuwen Ep 4 Engsub


  1. Na na

    oh gosh,, Liu wen is ya typical Aquarius woman lol. I’m also a Aquarius gal (my birth date 2 days after hers) and I 100% know how she feels because I’m exactly the same way and I went through the same with my boyfriend who is also a fire sign like Siwon (i really felt like my boyfriend was rushing and doing too much but felt bad that I wasn’t a little more open. I don’t know how he’s still with me lol).

    I think most Aquarian women are tall, conservative, a little tomboyish (don’t like fairy tales like relationships ) at first but in love can become romantic , very loyal , and fall hard for our guy. We don’t want to get hurt and we feel like rushing would ruin it in someway,. People love in a different aspect

  2. Anonymous

    i really think i know how the girl feels, first of all they just met recently, yes they are “bf-gf” but siwon is rushing things too much. he is not being considerate with how wen feels. and oh, those unnies are too much..

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