Song JiHyo Chen BoLin

We Are In Love Song Ji Hyo Chen BoLin Ep 11 Engsub


  1. uglyduckling

    Please does anyone know the song played at the beginning?
    …thanks 🙂

    • Eve

      it’s kinda late..but it’s a song from Cheese in the trap OST … The song is called Okay Maybe 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    All I thought at the beginning was Minion!!!!.

  3. Anonymous

    Oh my gosh not another good couple gone.

  4. song yo

    It so lovely

  5. Pe Pe

    I think of this match between song ji hyo and c chen bo lin.

  6. Zach

    Gosh..I always the last to know!Very busy with work n research.Recently heard some of my colleagues talk about this episode.I’m Jihyo’s fan.Anything about her,I will love it.What can I say about this programme.It really outshines the ‘woman’ inside Jihyo. love this Zhengchi CP.May God let’s this 2 heart be together. .no matter what.Thanks to we Got Marine productions.

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