Song JiHyo Chen BoLin

We Are In Love Song Ji Hyo Chen BoLin Ep 12 Engsub


  1. wulandari

    I pray they will always togethers and can get married ……love love them so much

  2. Carr

    I mean, what’s wrong with most of the WGM husbands? Chen Bolin had 100 days to at least give 1 kiss to Ji Hyo and he didn’t do it (they didn’t kiss in the base ball game). The same is happening to Eric Nam and Solar. Henry was the only one that had the courage and kiss Yewon in the second date. That kiss from Henry changed completely their relationship. They had a lot kisses on the cheeks and even Yewon gave him a kiss on the lips in one episode. I miss that couple a lot.

    • mar

      i miss henry and yewin too!!! you’re right they’re all so shy and even to give a kiss on the cheeks they hesitate

    • Runningmanfan

      They are not married in this show they are just dating, This is we are in love not we got married.

    • 수에 방 _SueBang

      same here.. i missed henry and yewon, they do a lot of skin ship ….aaahhh i thought i am the only one who still remember henry yewon couple…to me eric nam was easy going but solar look cautious that’s why eric holding back a lot…

  3. Zach

    Nobody really know what is in their heart right?May the best always be with them.

  4. parkshinmin10

    I really cried in the end!!! How sad that they only got a short period of time :((

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