Running Man

Running Man Ep 328 Engsub

Guest: TWICE


  1. Yellow Four

    they need fresh blood. it’s obvious that JiHyo & SuckJin aren’t interesting and helping push the show any more. dump those two, get three new (young) able bodies, to bring the cast up to 7 again.

    • Lova

      Without Jihyo or Sukjin it wouldn’t be the same! New members Would be nice. But I’d still prefer the original members. You should just enjoy the show bro. It’s better than complaining . Have a nice day!

  2. Anonymous

    Cant open all the series..

  3. Anonymous

    Cant open or play the video. Kindly help to fix it please.

  4. FADEL

    Excuse me,
    may i know, why i cant open or play or download this video?
    it say “internet positive” (*i’m in indonesia btw)
    really need help

    • Anonymous

      i think all indonesian people got the same problem
      can you help us?

  5. Anonymous

    openload took too long to respond….

  6. Anonymous

    sorry but THEIR SWEATERS they san San Antonio SPURS…im from there im just happy

  7. Anonymous

    I cant open the video btw im indonesian too

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