Running Man

Running Man Ep 332 Engsub


  1. KJ

    Are they editting Jihyo out on purpose????

    • .

      I wouldn’t be surprised. They’ve been showing her less and less over the years. She’s had such little air time for so long.

  2. Anonymous

    F you

  3. Anonymous

    Im so scared, i dont want jongkook and jihyo to leave. I want running man to continue being together. Im crying right now. i felt like they were a real family.

  4. Zizilyn

    I really hope jihyo gets more screen time.

  5. fatin

    hope irene ( red velvet ) and mark ( got7) will do WGM!!!! SO EXCITED to see these couple!!!

  6. blackgoat

    i want jihyo and kim jong kook sray ati rn until last .

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