Running Man

Running Man Ep 352 Engsub


  1. Anonymous

    I love RM!!! Hwaiting!!!

  2. Anonymous

    LKS very hansome!!!! Saranghae oppa!!!

  3. Anonymous

    i love JI SUK JIN!!hahaha…

  4. Anonymous

    Kim Jong Kook is really annoying and rude to the other Running Man member.Really frustrating to watch him.

    • Anonymous

      thats Kim Jong Kook that who we Love, Capable Man…
      lately he doesnt show his capable, but recently he back to his self….

      *Sorry for my bad english

  5. Anonymous

    Where ep 353??? I wait for it… sorry my bad english…

  6. Anonymous

    Wait what was the chance card? Did it even get used?

  7. Anonymous

    Come np drama movie

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