Running Man

Running Man Ep 353 Engsub


  1. Anonymous

    i ship LKS and JSM <3

  2. Anonymous

    just when would they end this dangerous trip theme??I think they have do this dangerous theme for too long and it’s almost becoming boring already..i think the new RM pd doesn’t have many idea to do for the show..i really miss the old RM (mission,spy,nametag ripping,bell hide and seek,game……)

  3. Bieyy

    Thank u so much for very fast upload RM new ep

  4. Anonymous

    it has been a long time since i have laughed my heart out from watching runningman. this episode is so funny especially the kwangsoo part

  5. Anonymous

    Kshowdaily can you please add wgm kwanghee sunhwa couple and jung chi jung in couple and jin won jun hee couple and lee joon yeon seo couple???????

  6. Anonymous

    That girl is really lucky to have date with Kwang Soo(Jong Kook)hahaha..

  7. Anonymous

    Errr did Jihyo’s team use their chance card?

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