Running Man

Running Man Ep 379 Engsub


  1. Anonymous

    This ep is boring

  2. Anonymous

    somin sechan out of running man..

  3. 22 Malaysian

    I like this episode!
    I love all of Runningman members..

  4. Dayen

    Why i cant even watch this ??
    There is some problem ????

  5. lyvee

    My big respect to all the running man members 🙂 BIG respect to the Nevis TEAM!!!! The punishment was not easy. Each one of us has fear and HAHA, you conquered it!!!! I am always watching every episode in Running Man and I thought HAHA could not do it but TADA!!!! Big Respect to HAHA!!! congrats also to the rest of the members !!!!
    -your fan from the PHILIPPINES-

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