Running Man

Running Man Ep 393 Engsub

Guests: Hong Jin-young, Lee Da-hee, Kang Han-na, Lee Sang-yeob


  1. Anonymous

    The rating is low

  2. Anonymous

    Boring to watch

  3. Anonymous

    Nice to see…fun n funny…

  4. Anonymous

    Good job Rm…

  5. DevisedLateott

    This was a great episode, it had a lot of natural comedic moments.
    The guests lately have really been helping to bring the regular cast out of their comfort zones

  6. Anonymous

    If the penalty with Kwangsoo, Jaesuk, Sukjin etc. was chosen at the end of the special then we all know RM is scripted.

  7. 23 Malaysian

    Love all RM member !

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