Running Man

Running Man Ep 396 Engsub

Guests: Lee Sang-yeob, Hong Jin-young, Lee Da-hee, Kang Han-na


  1. Anonymous

    1 person made all the hate comments ahah ahaha.

    • Anonymous

      Right…same person as always…but still come every week to see rm even he hate it…haha

      • plot twist : the one who made the hate comment and the one who reply above is the same person.

        • Anonymous

          another plot twist : all the comments in here are the same person

  2. Anonymous

    Dear all haters, thx for always come here to watch Our Beloved Running Man,
    even you guys not like our Running Man,
    just keep watch Running Man ok? fighting…….!!!


  3. Anonymous

    GET LOST IDIOT!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous

    Low rating ever

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