Eric Nam Solar

We Got Married Eric Nam Solar Ep 26 Engsub


  1. Title of Song Please

    Anyone, What is the title of the song at ~19:57? I like it.

    • Anonymous

      Its Jonghyun x Youngbae – It must be fall. I was searching for this song too

      • Anonymous

        Thank you. I wondered if I would ever know who sings the song. I don’t know any Korean so I thought it would be impossible to find it. It’s a lovely song.

  2. zet

    ah ilove ddong couple !!!!!!!!!! they’re hilarious and funny !!

  3. Haneefah

    so cute ;-;

  4. Anonymous

    re-reading the comments here 🙁 and it made me even more sadder that theyre leaving 🙁

  5. Diana Lee

    hey guys do you know where i can download all the wgm full video with subs ?

  6. thankyou ddongi

    everytime i go back to this ep’s comment section i feel so emo. remember on october 2016 we all spazzed a lot about ddongi who just spotted at airport and went to dubai… and we started to delulu-ing things… and also got frustated because we couldnt find any single pics of them taken in dubai by fans (until finally someone spotted them in IMG world lmao) it was a beautiful memories… now its already 2017 and i still miss them at times. i hope you two never regret being in wgm, because you two didnt leave anything except beautiful memories to us. i want Eric and Solar know that there are so many ppl who love ddongi (and thats why we can won the Best Couple Award <3) because no matter what they say, sincerity wins over everything. SARANGHAEYOOOOOOOOO LETS MEET SOMEDAY, YOU (ERIC, SOLAR) AND US (DDONGI FAM) AND EAT KETCHUP BAB TOGETHER T^T

    • KedvrA

      WAAA ME TOO TT_TT I’ve been rewatching the episodes TT_TT its so sad I miss them huhuhu

  7. YookJoy

    Ahhhh I love how Eric would make subtle skinship so flawless that Solar wouldn’t actually feel awkward about it!!! Hoping they’ll have a collab or something ❤❤❤

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