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We Got Married GongMyung HyeSung Ep 16 Engsub


  1. Anonymous

    Sometimes, WGM will put the cuts of the most entertaining couple at the last segment of the episode.. That’s what they’re trying to do this week, but end up their part have to be cut off from this episode.. EVENTHOUGH it was their WEDDING.. Maybe their rating will increased a lot next week because the audience have missed an episode of this couple..
    “WGM strategyyy”.. HAHAHA
    But, if not..
    That is bad.. Hoho..
    Their part may just will be posted at the “unaired cuts”

  2. elle

    ugh i was so scared that they were off the show or something? I heard a lot of people saying that because of their shorter airtimes, they were likely to end soon. I got so scared.

  3. Anonymous

    Why no continuous episode???

  4. mansemansemanse

    dafuck when you waited for a week ONLY TO BE CANCELLED WITHOUT EARLIER NOTICE. THE. FUCK. MBC better make up for this couple and have the whole hour to GH couple

  5. SW

    Khuntoria please..

  6. hanhun

    hufffffttt we want ep 17

  7. The video isn’t working for me.

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