GongMyung HyeSung

We Got Married GongMyung HyeSung Ep 19 Engsub


  1. jess

    i think most of us are hoping these 2 will be in a real relationship. i think their skinship is pretty obvious how they’re comfortable with each other. they both look good together and they’re understanding each other better, what the other party wants and likes. you can tell they clearly care for each other and it’s not for show. they could already be dating or at least at the beginning stage of getting to know each other but i think they’re just being very careful and cautious.

  2. imz

    Daebak…..MYMP hit song….made in the philippines….awesome….hyesung voice is so angelic…..

  3. Anonymous

    Jung hye sung is dating gongchan instead of gongmyung.im curious how the fan of this candy couple will react to this.hahahaha.this couple is sooooo real right delusional fans?? hahahahaha soo funny

    • Anonymous

      yeath, you are so funny to belive the nonsense rumor, hahaha

    • Anonymous

      the act that they are not dating is fine and pretty obvious. I mean I can see through them. but the annoying thing is that they are not allowed to date anyone while they are on the show. its pretty annoying that she decides to do so. however her relationship with gongchan hasn’t been proven yet so I can really say much. but I will be highly disappointed if it is

  4. Anonymous

    What did Hyesung sung ?

  5. Anonymous

    Out of the many many couples on this show, what are the chances they will actually date? NONE! Accept the fact and stop being delusional, people!

  6. Anonymous

    honestly why the fuck does it lagg somuch. i cant even look at the dam thing cuz it laggs every 3seconds seriously. Change the host FFS

    • Anonymous

      Agreed! tHIS IS bs change the host!!! openload sucks

  7. I want to upload more episod

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