GongMyung HyeSung

We Got Married GongMyung HyeSung Ep 2 Engsub


  1. K.

    they’re so cute i just cant-

  2. They are my favorite next to SoLim/SoRim couple. Haha they are too cute. I cant believe that Gong Myung is the same age as I. Lol Dear We Got Married, can you please have Joong Ki and Hye Kyo? Have them married and get it legalized, please? Jeballllllllll!!!

  3. Anonymous

    I’m so excited this couple feels so natural to me

  4. Anonymous

    I hate the lag on this website its atrocious, & there’s no other site to watch this couple. I’ve been on 3mins for 20 mins. Basically the whole ep. PLS FIX

  5. Anonymous

    Sometimes I really, really dislike the commentary from the panel. They keep making generalizations about men and women that sometimes get way too extreme, like “You have to say it cutely” and “Men like it when girls do [this],” with [this] being one super specific thing. It’s just. No.

    (I like the global edition because there’s no commentary haha.)

  6. Anonymous

    loooove this couple

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