Henry Yewon

We Got Married Henry Yewon Ep 12 Engsub – Final


  1. .

    22:23 that moment hahahaha

  2. R

    imho, henry and yewon couple were very sincere and honest with each other. hope the wgm producer can make special project with this couple…it will be great!!!

  3. Anonymous

    please bring them backkk.. i love them!!!

  4. de

    Pasangan yang humoris abis, semua selalu dilalui dengan happy… Selalu menghibur dengan aksi kocaknya. Tapi sayang, kenapa harus berhenti cuma di episode 12?! Berharap mereka bisa kembali bersama sebagai pasangan di sebuah acara, walaupun bukan di WGM.

  5. Anonymous

    Hoping to see this couple again in wgm..they are the lovely couple who being honest to thier feelings and so natural for showing thier affection to each other..

  6. [email protected]

    I wish to see them more. They have a great chemistry.
    ➡ Thank you to Henry as well for coming to our country when a Typhoon hits us. Thank you for making our citizens to feel better and look forward in the future even if they (citizens ) are having a hard time. Thank you for helping us to recover. Thank you for making the Filipino children laugh and stay positive even if the lost their families during the Typhoon. It may be late to Say thank you but still thank you so much. In your deeds you make our citizens feel at lease.

  7. Anonymous

    So sad that it’s because of Yewon scandal has made wgm to stop this couple forcefully by those immature fans in Korea . These fans should seriously grow up and even a year later, Henry & Yewon met up in a cafe and posted their pic on instagram was forced to remove due to the immature hater fans again. sigh, it’s sad to see this couple leave so early.

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