JongHyun SeungYeon

We Got Married JongHyun & SeungYeon Ep 16 Engsub


  1. Jay Kong

    His sister is really pretty O_O

  2. lhove

    i fell in love with jonghyun bec. of this episode… i envy the girl so much… huhuhu

  3. 미슬비

    I’m re watching this because of their period drama.

  4. Kristine serna

    This couple is also one of my favorite we got married couple I ship them

  5. Anonymous

    What is the title of the song, “I met that girl out of countless people”

  6. Anonymous

    WGM should warn viewers about this episode. After watching this, I now want to have my own Jonghyun 🙁

  7. Waffles

    I really love this episode I think it really shows their true emotions. On Wgm the girls tend to not give presents or make a little surprise which might have shown their feeling to their partner . You can tell when seungyeon played her message , jonghyun was really touched and couldn’t barely comprehend you can see him shocked but at the same happy he felt her love towards it wasn’t just him always giving and giving she also returned his affection, it was really heartwarming the way he held her hand they just kept looking at each other so lovingly , at this moment it looks they both fell in love with each other . I’m rooting for you guys home we hear news

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