JongHyun SeungYeon

We Got Married JongHyun & SeungYeon Ep 24 Engsub – Final


  1. Anonymous

    I think the both characters are similar with Takuya Kimura and Takako Tokiwa in Japanese Drama title’s Beautiful Life (2000). They are the best choice of main leads if wanna be making for the korean version of Beautiful Life

  2. Anonymous

    ughh wish they have a drama or wish they true husband and wife

    • Anonymous

      They’ll have a will be aired on February, something called “my Love Song”? not sure about the title.

  3. Anonymous

    I really hope they would end up together <3

  4. chel

    fudge i cried. rewatch it like twice alreay and yet i still cried. cant wait for their drama on 2017. <3 gonna continue shipppping. it will be awesome if they date in rl.

  5. Anonymous

    i wish they started dating irl after this. Thy would have been so cute and no one would hate/bash them

  6. Anonymous

    ohhhhhhh love her so much SY

  7. Y

    I love them both so much :”((( I can’t wait for their upcoming drama! <3

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