Jonghyun Yura

We Got Married Jonghyun Yura Ep 37 Engsub


  1. Anonymous

    Is this the issue of Hong Jong Hyun and Nana being a couple in real life??? Awww poor Ah young so saaad for her 🙁

  2. Agent Stegosaurus

    Welp. I just feel so deeply for Yura. I knew HJH was kinda forceful in initiating skinships but just right when I thought he’s been warming up to her, the rumours came out and I completely stopped watching them. Now I’m back just because I accidentally saw a clip of them together from Youtube and the last few episodes seem entertaining. It’s good to know that Yura has such an innocent and pure countenance. She’s just so vibrant and this is consistent ever since episode 1. She’s just so great and I hope that (even if HJH is the type of guy she likes and look out for), hope she’d find a guy who is just as equally invested and infatuated with her as much as she is with him.

  3. This is the second round I watched HJY and YURA. And I really really enjoyable and happy with her act and lovely playing game. But in the side of JY similar like he plays with closed friend now. He seems open mind.

  4. hanii

    it’s quite understandable, why the show require 15 +

  5. Anonymous

    Why do i suddenly hate nana now. Lol i keep on seeing bad feedback about her. i know its just acting but i felt that hyj really likes yura because he was so awkward, because in real world, guys find it really hard to express their feelings to the women they like. Yura is so cute. I feel that they are filming a drama already.

  6. A

    I honestly don’t get why people hate on HJY because of the dating rumor. Nana’s his friend so it’s normal to go out with your friends. He even mentioned in an interview that when he heard about the rumor, he disregarded it because it’s not real so it was quite a surprise to him that when he came back from abroad, the rumor escalated so bad. Just from that, I can really tell that Nana and him are just really good friends. (Though I must say that I hated Nana for it HAHAHAHAHA)

    I’m quite happy how Yura handled this issue. I hope they get to work together in a drama or a movie.

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